Who We Are


Author, Brains behind LSE

Geof did the Lemonade Stand Economics program back when it was called, “Work your ass off and pay for college yourself.” Geof was an employee at the age of 15 and an entrepreneur by age 17 cleaning windows to pay for his degree at Michigan State. Fast forward a decade and Geof built another company Valley Window Cleaning from just himself and a bucket of squeegees to a dozen employees and fleet of trucks in eight short years. Geof’s new goal in life is to bring the Evil Student Loan Machine to its knees. Learn more...


LSE Illustrator, Layout & Designer

To meet Robert means you will never forget Robert. The most free-spirited, creative entrepreneur you’ll ever meet. Robert is also the graphic design genius behind the Lemonade Stand Economics logo, illustrations, layout and design. A true artist, Robert began expressing himself through jewelry during high school and started never lost jewelry to fend off the dreaded Student Loan Monster. He’s a sophomore at UW-Stout where he was recently voted “Most Likely to Have a Goat in His Garage” by his peers.