Lemonade Stand Economics

Jayden & Jeremiah Photo
Jayden & Jeremiah
6th and 5th grade,  Entrepreneurs, Egg gurus
Jayden 12, and Jeremiah 10 are a brother and sister team who started Eggs for College to...Pay for college.  They began by selling eggs from their 45 chickens.  Then added Amish Bread to their line up.
Currently saving for college
Rachel & Grace Photo
Rachel & Grace
High School Seniors
High school Seniors, Entrepreneurs, Clothing gurus
Rachel and Grace founded Real Wolf Apparel in 2012 after friends asked about the homemade beanies they were wearing. They very quickly expanded to tees, tanks, crews and apparel.  They are seniors in high school and selling their gear to pay for college.

They started at age 17 and are currently saving for college
Robert Photo
Senior, University of Wisconsin - Stout
Business major, Entrepreneur, Jewelry guru

Robert creates custom jewelry out of recycled items like keys, buttons, charms and architectural scraps. It’s Never Lost Jewelry. His artistic jewelry is sold at boutiques all over the state of Wisconsin. It’s more enjoyment than work most days.

Robert started at age 17 and has minimal student debt.

Chloe Photo
Sophomore, Yale
Architecture major, Entrepreneur, Popcorn guru.

Chloe has operated "Chloe’s Popcorn Stand" at the Appleton Farmers Market every Saturday during the past 7 summers selling popcorn & kettlecorn to save for college.

Chloe started at age 11 and will graduate from Yale Class of 2016 with no student loan debt.

Brian Photo
Sophomore, Univ of Wisconsin - Steven’s Point
Business major, Entrepreneur, Video guru
Brian and his team at Will ’36 Studios create videos for small businesses to use for advertising.  Getting the message across and paying for college at the same time.

Brian started at age 17 and is currently paying for college himself.
Lindsay,Taylor,Steph Photo
2010 Wilton High School Grads
3 different majors, 3 entrepreneurs, 3 ice cream gurus
Every summer the ladies of College Creamery come home from college to sell ice cream treats out of their van. Everyone loves ice cream, especially when it’s helping three creative girls pay for college.  They donate 10% of their earnings to the Wilton Educational Scholarship fund.

Lindsay, Taylor and Steph started at age 18 and are paying for college themselves.
Bryanna Photo
7th grader, Entrepreneur, Blanket guru
Bryanna wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  To save for college Bryanna makes and sells fleece blankets at craft sales, farmer’s markets and online.  It’s all fun and fleece with Bryanna’s Fleece Creations!

Bryanna started at age 9 and is saving for college.
Marc  Photo
Sophomore, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Business major, Entrepreneur, Passion guru
Marc had to do a speech in high school...and he liked it! So much that he started speaking to pay for college. Marc Busko Speaking  is all about Passion!

Marc started at age 19 and is paying for college with no debt.
Sarah Photo
5th grader, Entrepreneur, Sweet treat guru

Sarah "Bugs" is the founder and CEO of Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats making custom treates that are nothing less than fantastic.  she turned her love for baking custom treats into a way to pay for college and make a difference in the community.  Sarah saves half of her earnings for college while the other half goes to the local hospice.

Sarah started at age 8 and is currently saving for college one treat at a time.

Dalton Photo
Senior, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Political science major, Entrepreneur, Smoothie guru

Dalton saved money as a high school student working for the family business. Upon graduation he decided to invest his savings into his favorite cafe with his brother. Dalton now owns and operates three Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s in three different cities to pay for college.

Dalton started at age 18 and has no student debt.

Mackenzie Photo
Freshman, Carroll University
College tudent, Entrepreneur, Photography guru

Mackenzie started her own business, 2nd Look Photography in order to get through college debt-free. She sells unique personalized letter art photography at local craft fairs and events. She took a cool idea and turned it into a business.

Mackenzie started at age 16 and is currently saving for college.

Jason Photo
Sophomore, University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley
History major, Entrepreneur, Antiques guru

Jason started Pretty Neat Organizers to pay for college. His main interest is antiques, so he buys and sells them online for a profit as well. Who says you can’t make money and have fun at the same time?

Jason started at age 18 and has minimal student debt.

Heather Photo
Junior, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Accounting Major, Entrepreneur, Photography guru
Heather has an accounting mind and a photographer’s eye. She capitalized on her talents by starting Passion Pursuit Photography to pay for college. Now she is shooting pictures and paying for school.

Heather started at age 18 and has not taken out any student loans since starting Passion Pursuit Photography.
Jesse Photo
Fresman, Gozaga
College student, Entrepreneur, Diaper Bank Guru
After reading an article in Time magazine that inspired him, Jesse started Inland NW Baby at age 14 to help children in need. They collect diapers, hygiene items and gently used clothing which are distributed through their diaper distribution network.

Jesse started at age 14 and is currently applying for scholarships and saving for college.
You! Photo

How are you paying for college?

What is your amazing idea?