Find the cherry summer jobs before your friends do

Today is April 23rd.  It is my son’s 11th birthday.  He has successfully navigated a decade on this earth.  It is a bright Wednesday morning and the snow just melted. Officially this winter was the coldest on record here. 45 days below zero.  Two 50 degree days and everyone is running around in t-shirts and shorts tossing a frisbee at the park.

I love spring.  Spring is awesome.  It’s warm, it’s all fresh outside and you can almost smell the many opportunities.  Students start to think about summer.  A lot!   Its only a few weeks away.  So what happens if you start looking for summer job opportunities right now?  You know, get a jump start on summer earning.

Every year spring comes around and as the school year starts to wrap up in June, students start looking for summer jobs.  Or maybe they whip out Lemonade Stand Economics and start working for themselves.  I commend those students. Working and earning all summer is how college tuition gets paid. But why not start right now, on April 23rd?

This is why you want to start now:summer job search

  1. Marketing, advertising and networking all take time. Starting now will get the marketing machine moving so it’s in full swing by the time school is over.
  2. If the masses of students start looking for work as soon as school is over…be the student that already found the cherry jobs in April. Take the good jobs before they even think about it.
  3. Would you rather work on your business or find a job now when its cold and crappy outside or would you rather wait and do it in the spring when you are busier with school activities?

NOW is the perfect time to start preparing for summer work. Start educating. Start talking to people. Start applying. Start marketing. Start finding jobs. Beat your friends to the punch. Be ready to kill it this summer and earn some serious cash!  Your summer begins TODAY!

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