Why student loans are like Miley Cyrus

A guest blog by The Robert Felton, college senior & illustrator of Lemonade Stand Economics

At first you thought she was cute and all nice by helping you pay for college. Then she comes out twerking and blowing up the internet and being in your face every five minutes so you cannot escape.

Then she keeps poking you with a giant foam finger and tries to get your money. Telling you to buy CD’s t-shirts, that stupid lip balm that is an egg shape that when put in your pocket makes it look like you’re excited to see Miley. This is pretty much the same except the government is taking your wages and calling you all the time. FML.

At first student loans are all hidden and quiet. Waiting for you to graduate. Then all of a sudden bam!!! Like Miley naked all exposed, student debt comes into your life like a wrecking ball! Showing its full naked self, student loans screw with your life and embarrass you like that Liam guy who is a bad actor on the Hunger games. 1523681_649379925101025_1306261827_o

Then student debt is the hottest talk of the internet just like Miley and your friends who don’t have student debt due to having rich parents, good jobs or bought Lemonade Stand Economics start making dumb parody videos of her. And you just sit there crying and drowning in debt.

When you thought figuring out how to set up a payment plan couldn’t get any weirder Miley bleaches your eyebrows, WTF. What is a FAFSA and what is this world coming to?

Then finally you manage to start paying off your loans and life is getting better (aka you download the Google Chrome No Cyrus App). You think it is all over until your kids walk out of the house on the way to college with bleached eyebrows, bad boob tattoos, and a shit load of student debt.

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