I majored in Netflix in college

College students are usually (okay, always) broke. Even splitting up bills, no one sees value in paying for cable tv any more. Just too expensive. Best solution? Netflix! Everyone throws in $2 a month and voila!  All the tv you can watch on your Xbox or computer. Movies, tv shows, tv series marathons. Everything is on demand so you don’t have to worry about your class schedule or even waste your time with commercials which means you can study more. The perfect cost effective alternative. College students are so smart!  Netflix-Watching-TV

Until….you realize that Netflix is electronic crack!

It starts like this…your roommate is watching a tv series marathon. One show after another.  Watching the whole series in one night. (Best way to watch a series in my mind.)  Your roomie can watch her series while you go study in your room. Such a studious student you are. Then an hour later you get hungry. You go to the kitchen and grab a bite to eat and sit down with your warmed pizza and relax while your roommate is on Hour 3 of the marathon. You deserve a little break after all that studying. You start to watch while you eat. You start to ask questions because you missed the first 6 episodes. You are completely mesmerized. The next thing you know its 4am and you haven’t moved…and neither have the pages you were studying in your poli sci book. Your apartment is now the electronic version of a crack house. Tired, unshowered people laying around at all hours. A constant stream of Arrested Development, Mad Men, Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock or Breaking Bad hangs in the air. Day is night, night is day, Netflix is on and the rest of the world be damned!

 Don’t let this happen to you. (Thanks to our LemonHead intern Alyssa for the inspiration!)

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