Whatever you do…Don’t be an entrepreneur in college!


REALLY? You want to be an entrepreneur? And you’re in college? Doesn’t the world have enough entrepreneurs? There are just too many college students that have a “great idea” and the next thing you know they are running around making it happen. Talking to everyone about it…getting all excited…learning how the world works. Geesh! Don’t be that person. Nobody likes that person. Nobody likes the person that works happily as their great idea makes them money. It’s just annoying. Please take my advice…


How NOT to become a college entrepreneur

  1. Don’t come up with a great idea. Just let the minutia of the day snuff out that great idea. Don’t worry, you will forget 72351_503204349718584_833805474_nabout it before you know it. We all have great ideas, just push yours to the back of your mind.
  2. Don’t make money with your great idea. Okay, so you ignored #1? And now you want to profit from your idea? You think people will actually pay for it?!? That would be “capitalism” and we all know that is a bad word like “work” and “effort.”
  3. Don’t be unique. Just be like everyone else. Nobody likes someone who is different and does things differently. There are enough unique people in the world, trust me.
  4. Don’t be independent. Don’t do it your way. There is absolutely no reason to do it any other way than the way it’s always been done.
  5. Don’t have a good attitude. Don’t you dare be optimistic or excited either. Those qualities are of no benefit to you.
  6. Don’t educate yourself. Learning as much as you can about how your great idea can impact others and make you money is a total waste of time. Just go to class, take notes, play video games and drink beer. That’s what college students are supposed to do.
  7. Don’t believe in yourself. You can’t do it. You can’t be an entrepreneur. Everyone else knows it – just ask them. You’re too young to have a good idea, you don’t have enough experience.

The best thing you can do as a college student is to just tow the line, apply for the fast food job or work in the campus bookstore. Take out the student loans and be like the rest of the clones in your dorm. Being an entrepreneur never works and it surely won’t work for you. Now get back to blowing off class, do a keg stand and enjoy your ramen noodles while you watch late night TV. If you got this far and you are irritated right now – good! If you are standing there with your middle finger up at me saying “This is B*****it!” then I say, “Welcome to the entrepreneurial side, my friend!”  We welcome you, even if everyone else says you are crazy.


My true advice is this…Never let anyone tell you that your dream is a bad one. Don’t believe them when they say you can’t do it. Because if your idea is good and you put forth the effort…you certainly can do it.

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