What we SHOULD have learned from Jimi Hendrix

Most people who aren’t familiar with the music of Jimi Hendrix think of him as nothing more than a guitar blazing druggie rock star that overdosed and died young when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, before smartphones and Google, in the 1970’s. And he did, but there was so much more to his story.  jimi blog pic

Many believe that Jimi Hendrix was the one of the greatest guitarists ever. I certainly do. When watching him play, it appeared as though he played guitar with no effort. His hands just flew over the strings and music came out. He was left-handed, but played a right handed guitar. He was essentially playing the guitar upside down. And he was still better than anyone playing right side up. He just played and played perfectly while belting out a tune wrought with attitude. He made it look so easy. How many guitarists and singers and songwriters today were inspired by his effort? I’m willing to bet LOTS.

Have you ever noticed that when you are really good at something everyone else around you thinks it’s easy too? You know it’s not. You know what it took to get good – to develop those skills and do things quickly and correctly. But they only see the end result, they see the concert at Madison Square Gardens. They don’t see the practice and mistakes and frustration. They think it’s easy, but its not. To get to where you are you had to put in your time. You learned from your mistakes and didn’t make the same ones again.You failed, succeeded and persisted. That’s how you got good. Everyone can be good at something. You can love doing something enough to elevate yourself to inspire others.

Find something you love to do. Now figure out how to make money doing it. Jimi did.


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