“Fake it till you make it”

robertLots of questions come to our office and this saying – “fake it til you make it” – seems to be one that young people struggle with. I always felt that “faking it” was similar to “lying.” But I was wrong. I have discovered that “faking it” is a confidence and promise to   the future… it’s not lying.

When I started Never Lost Jewelry a few years ago, I had to drop a couple hundred dollars on supplies before I could even start making and selling jewelry to earn money. People were all, “What are you doing? You’re not going to make any money and you’re never gonna stick with it.”  And they were wrong. I couldn’t promise anyone I was going to make money, nevertheless I needed to earn money to pay for college. I was confident. I loved making jewelry and I stuck with it. So even without knowing anything, I told the doubters I was going to do great. I was “faking it.”  Even after my first few shows where I hadn’t earned much money at all, I was still telling my friends I was doing great, not because I was, but because I was confident.  I knew I was going to do great.

You know what? After telling them time after time I was doing great, I did start making money.  Then I started making more money. More money than the doubters earn.

I stuck with my plan and I was confident with my idea. I was determined to earn enough money to pay for college and  I really did fake it, but now I’ve made it.

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