Why your “honey-do list” is ruining the youth of America

honey-do-listIf you are a married man, you have a “honey do” list. It’s mandatory. When you say “I do” it also means that “I will” complete the summer “honey-do list” each year until death do us part. Some years the summer honey-do list is relatively short. Mow the lawn, clean the windows, fix the leaking sink. Other years there are big jobs on there. Paint the house, re-mulch the mulch, clear out the brush in the back yard or heaven forbid…clean out the garage!    

I read a book a long time ago, back when I had hair, that said “The most successful people are those that can delegate well.”  When I read this I was a bit skeptical… but now, as I am older, wiser and yes, balder, I see where that author was coming from. I can still do everything myself. I am physically able and quite handy. But is that the best use of my time?  It seems like every day goes a little faster and my spare time to perform the list is shorter and shorter. If only I could get over the incredible sense of accomplishment each task gives me (wink wink)… and delegate.  

Okay, gentlemen, I know you love your “honey do” list as much as I do. So here’s the plan. Find a responsible high school or college student and hire them to complete your “honey do” list. When your wife questions you (and we all know she will), go ahead and tell her the truth. You are hiring a responsible young college bound student that is paying for school without loans. This student will complete your “honey do” list and you will make sure they do a good job.

When your wife asks, “How much is that going to cost?” (and again, she will), just say this:  “What is the cost of giving business opportunities to the leaders of the future? What happens if every man does his own “honey do” list and no college bound students are hired?  What will happen to the work ethic in America if no one gives the ambitious young student an opportunity to work and prove their worth? By me doing my honey-do list I am telling the youth of America to stay in the basement and play video games!”

[cue flag waving in the breeze and the Star Spangled Banner playing softly in the background]  

Delegate your honey-do list!  Believe in the Youth of America! It’s a Honey-Do Revolution!


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