Don’t be a dream killer!

Life is busy. Sometimes too busy. I can’t remember the last time I drove down the road without one eye on the clock checking if I will make it to the next appointment on time. Every summer as I drive I see kids with lemonade stands and even if I’m running late, I stop every time. Not because of the name of the my book, but because I’ve always stopped at every lemonade stand. I mean c’mon, cute kids with little cups of lemonade for a quarter…how can you NOT stop?!?  Here is why I stop at every lemonade stand…and why you should too. 20130626_093634 

As the person driving down the road the lemonade stand is a card table with kids waving on the side of the road. To pull over, grab some change, stand there and make small talk with the supervising parent while the kids sloppily pour a half full glass of lemonade for you could be construed as inconvenient…especially if you are on your way somewhere.  

As the kid running the lemonade stand the situation is much different. To a kid that lemonade stand represents excitement. They got to make lemonade and now they are going to get paid for their effort!  (Even though many times it’s more work for the parents than it is for the  kids.) Kids are excited to sell that lemonade. That excitement is no different than when a small business opens and that first customer walks in the door. That kid selling lemonade isn’t in a hurry to get to get to work. That kid is working…and they are excited about it. That’s where many kids learn their first lesson about work and business…at the lemonade stand.   

What message are we sending the future of America by not stopping?  What happens if no one stops at a kid’s lemonade stand?  What message did us “busy driving people” send to that kid who made the lemonade, crafted a sign, waited all day in the sun to earn nothing for the effort?  Will that kid be likely to set up another lemonade stand if no one stopped at the first one? What will that kid think when they are older and have a good business idea?  Will the doubt of customers showing up kill that business dream?  

Buying a cup of lemonade does make a difference! All it takes is a few adults to stop, have a refreshing cup of lemonade and talk to that kid about the lemonade business. The last lemonade stand I stopped at the little girl insisted on giving me a receipt. (see pic)  Hearing what these kids have to say is amusing at the very least. Lemonade stands aren’t about lemonade. They are about kids, and business, and dreams, and having fun. All for a quarter and 5 minutes of your time.

And that’s why you should feel guilty the next time you drive by a lemonade stand!  It’s a Lemonade Revolution!

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