Robert’s Toolbox for Graduation

robert editedMy graduation party was a blast! There was a ton of good food. Everyone got their invites, so no family drama, and all my friends stopped over to say congratulations. It was so much fun that I almost (keyword almost) forgot all about the gifts. Later, after my family and friends had left, while opening my cards and counting the money, I noticed someone had given me an actual gift in a big square box. I ripped it open only to reveal a toolbox full of all kinds of strange looking garage type tools. At first I was like “A toolbox for Robert? HA! When would I ever use that?” At that moment, I wished they had given me money until…

When I packed up the car to go off to college, I deliberately left the toolbox behind thinking I would never use it. However my parents knew better (as begrudgingly I admit, they often do) and slipped it in a small corner between my clothes and jewelry supplies. When unpacking, I was quite annoyed that I had to lug that tool box up three flights of stairs to my room. After the year started, boy did my I change my mind about needing that toolbox. That freshman year I was making and selling jewelry. The clients and shows started asking for me to provide displays. They wanted unique suit cases and wooden boxes for my jewelry to be displayed on. I opened up the tool box and started making boxes, chairs and using the drill to make my jewelry even more interesting. I ended up having stores purchasing some of my displays for themselves… and my jewelry was selling even better.

When I first got this toolbox it seemed useless and dull, but it ended up being making me more money than any amount written on any of the graduation checks I received that glorious day. My future was better because of that toolbox. I always say that Lemonade Stand Economics isn’t just a book. It’s a tool. Lemonade Stand Economics is just like my tool box. It is not the most exciting thing to open on graduation day, but it is a tool that can help your son, daughter, nephew grandchild or friend when they need to get out of a tough financial situation – or avoid one –  in the future. It is the tool that will help them earn more than a check for $20 ever will. It is a tool that can change their life

I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Nugent for giving me that tool box. I know I probably did not write you the most enthusiastic thank you letter, but I hope you now know what a great and valuable gift you gave me.

Robert Felton




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