What do crazy teachers & scoliosis have to do with slapping your friend in the head?

Ahhhh…high school. The great American institution where teens learn the basics of education. For some students high school can be a launching pad for college, while for others it’s the end of their formal education. Regardless of which path you take after graduation, there are four things that every high school has:      cafeteria blog

  1. There is the CAFETERIA, where yes, some greasy food is eaten and the occasional brown paper bag appears, but really the cafeteria should be renamed the “social hub” because we all know there is so much gossip and weekend planning flying around that Jerry Springer would be jealous.

  2. There is the GYMNASIUM where students are required to try sports they may not have  had the opportunity to try. You know, the sports that you never wanted to try in the first place. But it’s all good because at least you are getting that 40 minutes of psuedo-exercise on a Wednesday morning.

  3. There is the CRAZY TEACHER. You know, the one that dresses all funky, tries to be “cool” around the students and has that crazy look in her eyes. Don’t worry, of all the great teachers you have had over the years, this one will be the one you remember.

  4. There are the TEXTBOOKS, you know that 65 pounds of scoliosis you lug around to class each day. Each textbook is filled with useful information conveyed in the most dry, unexciting, nap-inducing way. Even the trees they used to make these books are unimpressed.  


I wish you luck with surviving the first three as I cannot help you with those. The fourth however I may be able to offer you an assist. I wrote Lemonade Stand Economics: A Refreshing Way to Pay for College to help high school students earn significantly more than minimum wage and pay for college without the help of student loans. Lemonade Stand Economics IS NOT A TEXTBOOK.


Lemonade Stand Economics is a series of real stories with relevant advice that will change the way you earn and spend. Are you okay with earning 3 or 4 times what your buddy is earning slapping sandwiches together? This book tells you how to do just that.  No happy “you can do it” horse crap, just real advice on how to earn money working for yourself as a high school student.  The financial literacy standards you’ve all come to love are in there, but you’d never know it. You will be too busy working and making money.   

So don’t put Lemonade Stand Economics in your scoliosis backpack! It doesn’t belong there! Carry Lemonade Stand Economics in your free hand…and feel free to slap your best friend in the back of the head with it once you enter the chaos of the cafeteria. It’s only 160 pages so it’s way shorter than any one of your boring textbooks. Heck, it isn’t even heavy enough to give a concussion. Now quit reading blogs and get back to class!



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