Everyone has a million dollar idea

Some say that every person has a million dollar idea at some point in their life. You know, that brilliant idea that can change the world. Maybe your idea is something simple or a new way of doing something that won’t change the world, but will still put a million dollars in your pocket.  Often this idea comes to you at the most inopportune time (you are super busy, you have no money, you have a huge project at work), yet it’s there, right in your head. I’d even venture to say that some people have had several million dollar ideas in their lifetime. So why doesn’t anyone take that brilliant idea and make a million dollars?  Well, some do. But most don’t. Maybe this is why…
million dollar idea
1) People don’t recognize how realistic their idea is. Everybody can’t know everything.  Sometimes people just don’t realize the magnitude of their idea. They just don’t see it. It’s easy to have an idea and think someone else already had it.

2) People get caught up in the minutia of everyday life. You have your million dollar idea-  then someone texts you and you are late for work and you forgot your uniform and you need get gas just to get to work. Yup, brilliant idea-gone!

3) People are not willing to put in the time.  Who has extra time in their life? I don’t. Bye bye brilliant idea, I can’t fit you in today.

4) People don’t know where to start or what to do.  I have this brilliant idea. Now what?  What should I do? What should I do first? Will this work? Is this such a brilliant idea? Never mind.

5) People are too scared to take a risk. I don’t know if I can do it. I will try, but if I fail I will have wasted all this time and effort. And people will laugh at me. Fear often wins the battle of the brilliant idea.

6) People have a daily routine.  Everyone has a daily routine. Often that brilliant idea doesn’t fit into the routine. So it’s quick to pass.

So before YOU end up being the guy who watches late night tv and sees a commercial for the brilliant idea that YOU came up with years ago…do something about it! Don’t sit on it.Take action. Move toward making your idea happen. If your idea is truly a million dollar idea then treat it like one. Get off your ass, start educating yourself, get to work and earn that million dollars! It’s not the idea that makes the money… its the person that makes the idea come to life.

Be THAT person

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