Doritos, Mountain Dew and Student Loan Debt


Doctor:  Well, Mr. Smith, you have diabetes.
Mr. Smith: I’m 30. How can I have diabetes?  I have no family history.
Doctor: Well, Mr. Smith- The healthiest thing you have eaten in the last 25 years was one grape 5 years ago. A daily diet that consists of
Doritos and Mountain Dew will give you diabetes.
Mr. Smith: Could I have avoided this disease?
Doctor: If you had eaten healthy all along you would be healthy as a horse. Now here are your insulin shots.

Paying for college is no different. If you do not pay for college as you go, you will end up with a disease called Student Loan Debt. You won’t need to poke yourself with a needle every day but you will have to cough up the cash each month. If you are the “average college graduate” you will cough up that student loan payment each month for 20 years and you will pay back nearly double what you borrowed. Doritos and Mountain Dew taste great but there is a cost to eating them every day, namely… your health. It may take some discipline to not eat the delicious sugariness each day, or does it?  Is it really so hard to just not each junk every day?

Saving for college also takes discipline. It takes saving a little each day and saving a lot on the days you can. Heck, maybe if you stopped eating Doritos and Mountain Dew every day (which is expensive and unhealthy) and ate a banana and a water (which is cheap and healthy) you could take the money you would have spent on junk food and use it to save for college. Little things you do every day add up. Whether it be health or finances, or in this case both.

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