The Book

College students are amassing enormous debt in their quest for higher education. No one needs to preach the importance of a college degree, but to financially strangle yourself to attain that goal is absurd! College graduates need to start their adult lives financially stable, rather than overcome with debt. Lemonade Stand Economics is not about avoiding college or starting the next corporate empire. It's about nurturing a new generation of smart, educated, take charge entrepreneurs ready and willing to impact the world by first impacting their own financial well-being.
It seems like there are thousands of books on how to cut your expenses. Lemonade Stand Economics is different. It is a non-traditional approach to a financial epidemic. It shows young adults how to work for themselves and make more money, far more than minimum wage, enough money to pay for college. The majority of today’s college students are lulled into an acceptance of student debt as the only way to pay for college. This debt is a cancer, sapping their creativity, strangling their ability to take risks and robbing them of their financial freedom after graduation. These students are not stupid. They are not lazy. They need to be shown that financial freedom is attainable. It’s not hard if you know what to do. But that’s the problem, at 17 you just don’t know where to start. Lemonade Stand Economics simply says “Here’s what you do... now let’s go do it.”

The Author

In the world of “I want easy money,” I introduce a radical idea. Work hard, work smart and pay for college with money you earn yourself. If a student works, earns a substantial amount of money per hour and pays for school semester by semester, no loans are necessary. It’s a concept totally contrary to current popular thinking, but it’s just that simple. I know because I did it. And I've met others who have done it too. I started cleaning windows as a summer job at age 16 for minimum wage. After that first summer I began cleaning windows for myself and continued to do so until I graduated from college making far more than minimum wage. That was “my story” of paying for college. Following conventional wisdom, I stopped cleaning windows after college and "went to work in the real world." I sold heavy equipment for ten years until I experienced a layoff. It was devastating at the time, but proved to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I found another job right away only to be told I would need to move my family out of state. At this point, I began to doubt the popular notion of “security” found in working for someone else. Not willing to relocate at someone else’s direction I left the world of corporate employee, took the risk and started Valley Window Cleaning, Inc I’ve never looked back, until my next venture
Lemonade Stand Economics, started with this thought, “If a high school student did what I did to make money and didn’t make the mistakes I made, paying for college would be easy.” And just like that, Lemonade Stand Economics was born.

That is MY story. What’s your story? How are YOU going to pay for college?